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Beginners Crystallized  Course

Beginner courses are for those who are just starting their nail journey. This course is 2.5 hours. Offered on Sundays only from 12pm-2.30pm. hours can vary. This course includes a kit and kit must be used even if you have your own material.(See picture for kit details.)

Advanced Crystallized Course 

This Course is for advanced nail technicians. 2 hours. Includes a nail brush only. This is recommended for nail techs who are actively doing nails. This class focuses on proper nail prep, proper acrylic application, and mastering shaping. Hours are the same as beginner courses Sundays from 12pm-2pm. Hours may vary if needed. 

In order to book there is a 150 deposit for both classes. Deposits are non refundable unless cancelled by CrystallizedNailz. Free Consultation available by texting 414.807.8668. Booking is done after consultation. Cash is required to book courses! 

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